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Lifestyle Photographer

A couple of months ago I did my first lifestyle maternity shoot and fell in love with being a lifestyle photographer. I was tickled pink when the Ortiz family wanted me to come back to do their family session with baby Ella. This was a special time as almost all her grand parents had traveled to Colorado Springs from California. I was super excited to get to meet baby Ella for the first time and to watch her parents spill all their love over her. As I am watching both Sergio and Kelley taking care of her, changing her clothing, feeding her a bottle, sweetly talking to her as she softly cries and coos, reminded me that so often we don’t take these pictures. This is why I love lifestyle family photography. Real moments with real memories. Ella will be able to look back one day at these photographs and see how much her parents and grandparents adore and love her. And we can’t forget Brutus…he needed to be in some of the pictures also. He loves his baby! I enjoyed watching all of the grandparents hold her and talk to her and to watch Ella’s responses to each one of them. You can see the love that they all have for this beautiful tiny person. We also recreated their favorite image of daddy playing the guitar to the baby, and I was so excited that we will carry on this tradition in her first year! There were so many great images to choose from, but here are just a few of my favorites!

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